Pack filters and membrane UNIVERSAL Mod. Compact+accessories

Advice osmolightpieces: UNIVERSAL Pack, you can change the filters and any model of osmosis compact and semi-compacto membrane, include attachments for his adaptation. Already it won't lack pay high prices to keep your plant in optimal conditions. (Visit our blog and you will learn how to do it:


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1 Membrane 80 GPD FILMTEC

1 Membrane container

1 Filter 11 "bloque

1 Filter carbon 11" activated carbon inline granular

1 Filter 11 "polypropylene 5 microns

6 elbows to connect them with the team 

2 elbows for connecting the container of membranes

1 elbow of no return


    These are cartridges of sediments, of activated carbon from shell of coconut, or series. Its main application is as a pre-or post-treatment of domestic reverse osmosis.These cartridges incorporate its own casing so it is not necessary an additional housing.

     The function of sediment cartridges is the Elimination of particles in suspension and turbidity of the water. Suitable for domestic and industrial installations where they have to eliminate solid particles in suspension or suspended impurities in the water. They have a filtering capacity for retention of particles in suspension, with a 5 micron filtration efficiency.

     Carbon cartridges is the Elimination of chlorine, polluting organic, taste and odors.Remineralizing cartridges function, is to increase the pH of the treated water.

     Available connections: ¼ "

     Size: 10" & 11"

     Filtration degree: 5 micron cartridges of sedimentos

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