How are the products of

Virtually all of our products are purchased from domestic companies. They have passed their quality controls which makes their companies to have certificates of quality at collective level as well as most of their products on an individual level.
In this way we offer a few useful, quality products with all kinds of innovative trends... in short, as you ask us.

How will if there is stock of the products I want?

Normally our products available in stock and delivery times are 24-72 hours, but sometimes our products are most in demand of what figured with that sometimes we do not have sufficient stocks, this is the case merchandise may be delayed to 7-15 days, approximately.

How can I quickly find something very specific?

On the homepage you have a fast search engine with which it will be easier to find everything you need for your home. With only indicate the word, will be all articles related to what you are looking for.

How can I purchase on this website?

Quickly and easily, thanks to the sale on-line can have in a safe way all our products in your House. You just have to follow the steps that you will indicate.

Step 1:

Register to begin sign up with your data, you just take a few minutes, if you prefer to choose first products can sign up later, when you confirm your order. Search for products is very easy, using groups of product in the categories section, or above the top right you can use the quick search field. Once you have chosen the product you can open your tab, see its description, measurements, materials, etc. at the same time with a single click can add it to your "shopping cart".

Step 2: Order and shipping.

As you go choosing articles, they are being listed within your account, in your "order history", where you can view all selected or print you your order data. Remember well check your shopping cart and your details before confirming your purchase.It will be of great help because preserves all your purchase information to consult it whenever you want. The final step before you confirm your order is to choose the type of transport, and a shipping address, can be the same with which you registered, depending on the distance and the weight is calculated on time delivery.

Step 3: Payment.

It operates the payment in the manner that best suits your needs. Let yourself be guided by our payment gateway or our financial specialists and you will see that is simple, convenient and safe. Once confirmed the order you can download the invoice from your account.


How to know the status of my order?.

Query your account and you will know how your ordering process: 'My account' and then sign in by typing the e-mail and the password chosen to perform the registration.
• Order preparation and charging process: having reached this paragraph means that your order has been transmitted to our partner in logistics. Once your items are available, prepared and packed carefully to proceed with its shipment. • Order shipped: the carrier is handling your order, in short you have in your home. You can only cancel orders that are in process of authorization.


How I articles I arrive?

You get your items through our specialized services of logistics. There are two types of delivery: national or international, depending on the destination country. Either of the two delivery systems that delivers delivers the goods directly to their destination. In this way, once you order on-line, receive your purchase in your home, within the time limit specified at the time of purchase. Sale on-line service currently operates regularly in peninsular Spain and Islands, the Netherlands, Portugal and France. It is planned, that soon the radius of action be extended to other countries, offering a full distribution and logistics services to all our customers.

What are the delivery times?.

Shortly we will propose you a delivery date approximate the time of confirming your order. It is possible that at the time of placing your order, some parts are not all available for the same date, in this case, we will inform you of sending each one of the pieces. In this way, you can choose between receiving delivery «on 1 single time» or as are available, depending on your needs. If you choose to group all of your items to make the carrier a single deliverable to your home only you abonas participation in delivery costs. If instead, the carrier made several deliveries at home you must pay expenses for each of performed deliveries.

What are the shipping costs?.

Depending on the characteristics of the product and destination of the shipment, for more information write to

What should I do when I receive the goods?.

Once delivered, you must proceed to unpack it, and check that it is in perfect condition. It is of vital importance, at the time of the receipt of the order, make sure that the merchandise has arrived in accordance with established quality criteria. If not, it is imperative that the claim is made within a maximum of 24 hours, by contacting Central at the following email address:


The article does not correspond to my expectations, what should I do?

If your order does not satisfy you, you can make any change or refund, order in the times and conditions specified in general sales and delivery conditions contacting


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