Osmosis 5 stages with semi-compacta pump. FREE SHIPPING*!

     Reverse osmosis equipment protected with a housing with metal rear structure of great duration and also have a large deposit, which facilitates cleaning.

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     Advice Internally is the most complete models out there in the market, as well as a bomb, has a microprocessor which controls the proper operation of the equipment:

* indicates the quality of the water in TDS (ppm), that the water that is this drinking this in optimum condiciones.

* self-clean time of membrane, important for a longer life of the same and that the output of the plant is mayor.* time it is producing water equipmentto avoid blunders of malfunction.

* interrupts the computer if the tank is full, through fully automatic solenoid valves.

      Its high production of water, not only allows use in homes if not in offices and even dining rooms combined with a greater storage bin.


     Half-compact, ideal reverse osmosis system for domestic installations of all kinds, allows to obtain water of excellent quality due to the pre-filtration and reverse osmosis, and also display the output water conductivity (TDS).

- Includes pressure pump, solenoid valve water inlet pressure switches for water and power tank fill, autoflushing fully automatic electrovalve with probe.

- All this water purification process controlled by a microprocessor electronic with function lights and State which also allows us to visualize in the display:

* Medida of the quality of the water in TDS (ppm)

*  Autoflushing time.

* Time of water production.

* Built in protection if the tank is full.

- Pre-filtration: cartridge 10 '' sediment 5 micron, granular carbon carbon block

- Membrane: 70 GPD

- Accumulation tank:

• Volume total: 12 litres.

• Volume water stored: 5 - 10 L (depending on the input and cumulative air pressure)

- Post filter: In-line 10 "carbon activated.

- Production daily: 190-230 L

- Maximum salinity: 2,500 mg/L

- Limits of working pressure: 0.2 - 4.5 bar

- Operating temperature: 5 ° C - 35 ° C

- Optionally you can add a UV sterilizer for water safety produced.

- Dimensions main part: 405 x 350 x 158 mm

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